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  • Where can I purchase revitaPINK?

    You can securely order revitaPINK right here at

  • Will revitaPINK work on ALL skin types?

    Yes. RevitaPINK is formulated for all skin types. From oily to dry skin.

  • Will revitaPINK work for men?

    Yes. The revitaPINK formula can also be applied to men’s skin.

  • Does revitaPINK offer a guarantee?

    Understandably, results from skin whitening products will vary by individual. Therefore, revitaPINK is unable to offer a guarantee as we cannot know in advance how well your body will respond to skin whitening. Factors that affect results are skin tone, skin type, and the area of the body where revitaPINK is applied.

  • How often should I use revitaPINK?

    For optimal results, apply revitaPINK once in the morning and once at night; repeat this for at least a consecutive 8 weeks.

  • Can I stop using revitaPINK once I get the results I am looking for?

    No. We recommend to use revitaPINK continuously to maintain results. Once you discontinue application of a skin whitening product your skin tone is likely to return to its original state.

  • How long does it take to notice results using revitaPINK?

    For optimal results, we suggest you apply revitaPINK as directed for a minimum of eight weeks.

  • What size is the bottle of revitaPINK?

    oz bottle – comes with a convenient pump-top.

  • How long will a bottle of revitaPINK last?

    This varies by individual. The number of uses per bottle will depend on the size of area and the degree of darkness that you are whitening. In most cases, a single bottle can lasts up to 4 weeks for usage on small areas.

  • What shipping method is available for my revitaPINK order?

    RevitaPINK ships discretely in standard packaging from the US Postal Service. Your order will be shipped USPS Priority Mail. Most orders ship out within 2 business days.

  • Is revitaPINK available Internationally?

    RevitaPINK ships worldwide. Due to customs restrictions skin whiteners cannot be shipped to South Africa or Japan. All shipments depart from USA. International delivery depends on which method you select at time of checkout: 7-10 business days (International Express) or 4-6 weeks (International Priority). International customers are responsible for any customs fees or taxes.

  • Will revitaPINK cause irritation to sensitive and intimate areas?

    No. RevitaPINK is professionally designed for even the most intimate and sensitive areas. If you have known skin allergens please read the Ingredients link to determine if revitaPINK is a good option for you.

  • Does revitaPINK have any potentially harmful ingredients?

    No. Ingredients such as Hydroquinone are intentionally excluded from the high quality formula. Unlike some other products, the ingredients in revitaPINK are safe for application to the skin.

  • Will revitaPINK stain my clothing?

    No. RevitaPINK absorbs into the skin rapidly. Make sure revitaPINK is fully massaged into the skin and allow it to dry before putting clothes on.

  • Can revitaPINK be applied to any other areas of my body?

    Yes. RevitaPINK can also improve the overall appearance of skin and reduce the look of most familiar skin imperfections such as age spots, moles, sun spots, and freckles.

  • What is revitaPINK return policy?

    Please read the full return policy by clicking the Shipping & Payments link located at the bottom of the website.

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