Scrotum Bleaching

When you think of skin whitening, the scrotum area is most likely not at the top of the list. So why is it important? If you are performing skin whitening on your intimate areas then you can’t forget the scrotum. When you bleach the entire genital area (exterior only,) you can achieve lighter and evenly toned skin with a youthful appearance. So if you skip one section during the process, that dark area will be much more obvious. The total intimate whitening transformation is not complete until you whiten the scrotum. Most consumers want the entire region to have the same appearance. The penis and scrotum should both be addressed.

The scrotum area is notorious for having an unwanted darkening effect. The darker skin tone of the scrotum can be due the division of the septum. RevitaPINK is completely formulated with natural ingredients. It is applicable to the scrotum, and all genital and intimate areas which includes the vagina, scrotum, penis, anus, nipples and underarms.

A large number of skin whitening products on the market today contain potentially harmful ingredients. The revitaPINK formula was deliberately created without any of those elements; such as Hydroquinone which is commonly found in skin bleaching products. Hydroquinone is prohibited in the UK because it is linked to potentially harmful side effects. RevitaPINK is a wonderful alternative to unsafe cosmetic products that contain hydroquinone. RevitaPINK can also be applied to sun spots, age spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation blemishes.

Scrotum discoloration no longer has to be the cause of awkwardness! Lighten the look of your scrotum and penis areas with the outstanding revitaPINK brand and you will be at ease. You may see a visible difference in only 8 weeks. The easy to use pump-dispenser is key to a sanitary and consistent application process. Yes, the bottle is attractive…but the contents will amaze you! Try revitaPINK for yourself and solve all of your intimate whitening needs today. Secure ordering can be done directly from this site Don’t forget our exclusive offer BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!


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