RevitaPINK Intimate Area Whitening

The desire for enhancing your overall tint or tone of your intimate areas does not often come up in conversation with your friends. Sometimes even mentioning it to your skin care professional may be embarrassing. Lucky for you, this is the right place for such a delicate topic! The process of intimate and anal bleaching continues to be increasingly popular. But not everyone is comfortable having this service done at a spa or by going to a skin specialist. This makes the discreet in-home application products in high demand!

revitaPINK is specifically formulated to conquer the look of discoloring by blending the appearance of the skin. RevitaPINK creates a favorable look for the outer skin of the vagina, penis, and anal area. Other personal areas that often have prevalent shading include dark underarms, nipples, and scrotum. RevitaPINK is safe for these sensitive areas. Improving the overall appearance of intimate areas can make a difference for you!

Anal Bleaching – What you should know

Anal bleaching has become a common practice over the last few years. More consumers are getting real with their intimate beauty and they want to make private moments more pleasurable. Dark, troubling intimate areas are being addressed more and more with anal bleaching. Instead of feeling embarrassed and self-conscious about dark or discolored areas, people all over the world have recognized that with this new technique individuals can be more comfortable in their own skin.

What are the options for anal bleaching? Retinol is one method. It is applied topically and administered by a medical professional. Microdermabrasion and laser treatments are also options that require a licensed skin care professional. Side effects from these processes can be skin irritation and scarring. It is also possible that the area will become darker afterwards. Thus creating the opposite effect of what the patient wants. All of these choices are time consuming. Consider the cost involved and the awkward situation it presents.

Regular maintenance and upkeep is required for any anal bleaching technique to keep the anal area lightened to the preferred color thatyou desire. There is no permanent solution. After reviewing all of the options many informed consumers are electing to use a whitening gel that is applied daily.

RevitaPINK is free of Hydroquinone, parabens, steroids, and mercury. These factors keep potentially harmful ingredients out of the equation! This specially crafted formula is intended to deliver dramatic results and flawless looking skin in sensitive and intimate areas!

How does revitaPINK work?

RevitaPINK revolutionary formula is blended with the latest ingredients for skin whitening and brightening. They are known for resolving the look of darkened and discolored skin in intimate areas due to such phenomenal advancements like no other formula can provide. RevitaPINK is offered in a convenient 1 oz. cosmetic bottle with an air tight pump dispenser. The easy application process assures that each usage delivers the adequate amount without wasting product. RevitaPINK can be applied to any intimate body area without any risk for contamination. When compared to products packaged in jars, RevitaPINK professional packaging is simple, clean, and a step ahead of the competition!

In just a few quick minutes you can effortlessly apply revitaPINK in the privacy of your own home and be on your way to brighter skin done the safe way!

How do you apply revitaPINK?

  • Cleanse the area with soap and water
  • Exfoliate the area with a sponge or loofah (this freshens the area for whitening by removing dead skin cells)
  • Rinse the area and pat dry
  • Apply revitaPINK in a thin layer over the desired area
  • Allow formula to dry before clothing or applying any other products
  • Repeat the process twice per day

*DISCLAIMER: Results vary by individual, skin type, skin tone, & area of application. We recommend twice daily application, applied as directed, for a minimum of 8 weeks to see the best results that are obtainable.

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